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Morris Minor Anorak Questions

Morris Minor Anorak Questions

Test your Morris Minor knowledge with our Morris Minor quiz.  Do you know when the last Lowlight was made or how many Minor Millions were produced (no, it’s not a million!)?  Or what Lord Nuffield thought the Minor looked like?  No prizes but a lot of fun.  Answers at the bottom of the page.




Morris Minor advert - World's Supreme Small Car

[Q1] In what year did the Minor first appear at the Earls Court Motor Show?
[a] 1946
[b] 1947
[c] 1948
[d] 1949

Morris Minor optional extra

[Q2] What is this optional extra?
[a] Mechanical Fuel Pump
[b] MM Water Pump
[c] Horn
[d] Fuel Sender Unit

Morris Minor production line

[Q3] What was the Minor prototype called?
[a] Spitfire
[b] Tornado
[c] Mosquito
[d] Typhoon











Morris Minor Lowlight

[Q4] When was the last Lowlight made?
[a] 1949
[b] 1950
[c] 1951
[d] 1952

Morris Minor Million

[Q5] This is a Minor Million. How many Millions were made?
[a] 200
[b] 1001
[c] 350
[d] 361

Morris Minor signal

[Q6] What is this called?
[a] Indicator
[b] Trafficator
[c] Hazard Warning Light
[d] Direction Arrow











Morris Minor group rear view

[Q7] What did Lord Nuffield liken the Minor to?
[a] Teddy Bear
[b] Poached Egg
[c] Bumble Bee
[d] Christmas Pudding

Morris Minor NMO 933

[Q8] Stirling Moss’ sister rallied a Minor. What was its nickname?
[a] Auntie
[b] Nemo
[c] Granny
[d] Doris

Austin 6cwt Van Pickup advert

[Q9] What was the series designation of Austin badged LCVs?
[a] Series A
[b] Series C
[c] Series X
[d] Series Z











Morris Minor Traveller wood frame

[Q10] What type of wood was used for the Traveller?
[a] Oak
[b] Walnut
[c] Pine
[d] Ash

Morris Minor Traveller rear view

[Q11] How much longer is the Traveller than the Saloon?
[a] 1 Inch
[b] 2.5 Inches
[c] 5 Inches
[d] 10 Inches

Yellow Morris Minor

[Q12] What colour is this Minor painted? Yes, it is a real BMC colour and very few were painted this colour.
[a] Custard 101
[b] American Amber
[c] Sunset Orange
[d] Highway Yellow












Morris Minor Side Valve Engine

[Q13] What was the cubic capacity of the side valve engine in the Minor Series MM?
[a] 803cc
[b] 918cc
[c] 948cc
[d] 1098cc











Quiz Road Sign





Answers: [Q1]  c  [Q2]  b  [Q3]  c  [Q4]  c  [Q5]  c  [Q6]   b  [Q7]   b   [Q8]   c   [Q9]   b   [Q10]   d   [Q11]  a   [Q12]   d   [Q13]   b


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